ETCC Accomplished Projects From 2003- 2007

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  • Assisted in charity fundraising in coordination with SOS Children’s Villages Syria
  • Provided Syrian university students with sponsors
  • Assisted with accommodation for Syrian students far from Syrian universities
  • Conducted developmental studies based on field research and the experience of the preceding countries
  • Coordinated with diverse Syrian activists to create a circumstance for organized Syrian developmental coalition
  • Reviewed Syrian intellectuals’ opinions regarding the affairs of corruption and reformation, and tabulating them with summaries
  • Joined developmental Syrian activists in their global conferences, forums, and activities
  • Organized some annual fundraising activities in coastal villages and Idlib
  • Performed afforestation activities in the Syrian coastal mountains
  • Maintained sustainable development and clean-up operations along Syrian coastal areas
  • Provided local farmers with consultations
  • Provided university students with scientific and literary consultations
  • Conducted natural and demographic studies inside Syrian territories
  • Monitored the civil movement since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution until the current armed conflict
  • Handled the administrative affairs of refugees in neighboring countries
  • Documented Syrian, Egyptian, and Tunisian affairs and eventually uprisings
  • Enabled social safety networks in Syrian cities to encourage civil peace
  • Encouraged discussions between various political factions involved in the Syrian crisis
  • Created articles, studies, and reports regarding the Arab Spring
  • Participated in projects concerning the modification of laws, the Constitution, local administration, and the activation of  political movement
  • Rallied support for advocacy campaigns that intended to release political prisoners
  • Promoted the empowerment of Syrian women and their cultural rights, social mobility, economic status, and political awareness in their circumstance
  • Deterred the extreme Islamic movement and prepared documentary studies and evidence about its violations
  • Engaged with multicultural organizational symposiums in the Middle East


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