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Syria and Iraq: Religion and Migration in the Face of Violence

Princeton Forced Migration Conference March, 3-4.2017 Cameron Hume, Georgetown University Moderator Sarab al-Jijakli, Network of Arab-American Professionals Mustafa Hmood, Iraqi/Syrian Student Project Issam Khoury, Center for Environmental and Social Development Becca Keener, Princeton University, Student Rapporteur

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The sixth anniversary of the Syrian revolution, 2017

 By: Issam Khoury Four and a half hours in bus which carried Syrian activists from New York to Washington D.C, were all Syrian communities from different US states met. Every year Syrian communities arrange the anniversary of the Syrian revolution,

حزب الله ونظامه الداخلي

بقلم:  عصام خوري 11/06/2010 عقب اغتيال الأمين العام للحزب السيد عباس الموسوي تم اعتماد قيادة عليا للحزب تتمثل بما يدعى “مجلس الشورى”، ومجلس الشورى يشتق اسمه من الآية القرآنية «وأمرهم شورى بينهم»، وهو يتألف من 7 أعضاء يتولى كل منهم

The political Maronism “A Lebanese maturity or a civil war “

Written By:  ISSAM KHOURY, Feb.12/2007 Lebanon has been a land of never-ending struggles, since the beginning of the civil war till now. During the Syrian domination on Lebanon, ” the guardianship “, about which the Syrians boast they had established

AL-Salafiya and its penetration to the association of Al-Fatih Al-Islami

By: Issam Khoury Feb.28.2009 The emerge of Salafi personalities within Al-Fatih Al-Islami institute and its benevolent association, didn’t surprise the seculars in Syria, especially that most of those who executed the explosion of Palestine branch on the airport road used

Research: Religion in the Nusayri “Alawi” sect

By: Issam Khoury June 28.2008 Al-Nusayris are no different from Muslims in their analysis of the concept of doctrine and jurisprudence, as they admit it publicly. But the Alawite sect( Nusayri) is a far cry from Islamic thought. Being described

Research: Al-Nuseyriyeen “Alawites”:Between politics and clan life

By: Issam Khoury July. 09/2008 The Syrian government adopted the Arabic National method as a basis in establishment building. This resulted in the beginning of the religious classification, which we witness in some neighboring countries. This made it difficult to

طائفة النصيرين “العلويين”: مفهوم العشائرية

بقلم: عصام خوري   كتبت هذه المادة في 15 تموز عام 2008، ونشرت الان بسبب حساستها  لا يزال المسلمون النصيريون يعيشون نهج الحياة العشائرية في جبالهم، وحتى من سكن منهم المدن كان تأثره بالمدينة أضعف من جذوره العشائرية.

بحث: النصيرين “العلويين” بين السياسة والعشائرية

بقلم: عصام خوري   كتبت هذه المادة في 9 تموز هام 2008، ونشرت الان بسبب حساستها  صورة توضح بعض من ضحايا الطائفة العلوية في المعارك الجارية خلال الحرب الاهلية في سوريا (2011-2016) اعتمدت الحكومة السورية النهج القومي العربي اساسا في

Nusayri Sect:The Concept of Clans The lifestyle of Nusayris/Alawites

By:Issam Khoury July/15/2008 Nusayri Muslims are still leading a clan lifestyle in their mountains. Even those who inhabited the city, were poorly influenced by the city life in favor of their clan roots