Aya Azzawi

Aya Azzawi
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آية مريضة بسرطان الدماغ وتحتاج مساعدتكم في تأمين علاجها ، عمر آية خمس سنوات
وامكانية علاجها ممكنة في المكسيك تتمنى اسرة آية ان تساعدوهم عبر التبرع في هذا الرابط

January 22, 2016: A day to remember for the rest of our lives. Everybody was preparing to fight the snow storm that put New Jersey in a state of emergency. Meanwhile, my family and I were having our own battle to fight. Our beloved daughter Aya Azzawi, born September 28, 2012, was diagnosed with a rare and fatal brain cancer, called DIPG that left us in shock till now. At that day, our life turned upside down, the heaviness of the bad news left us helpless and numb. Because of the storm, all what we were able to do was researching for clarifications, answers and more answers to the frustrations we were left with. Unfortunately, all our findings were against what we wished for. After we met her oncologist, our fears became true. He confirmed that there is a zero survival chance for her type of cancer, with a 9-12 month lifespan. We were discharged with only one option for us, radiation to expand her quality of life for short time. We felt it was as a way to say the last goodbye to our daughter. However, we refused to give up.  We agreed to do radiation and our journey in research began since then. She underwent radiation; failed virus based clinical trial, failed intra-arterial immunotherapy trial and lastly another radiation to buy more time. We exhausted all the sources that they can offer for us. Aya now is in progression, the tumor started to effect her slowly and we lost hope to find anything to help her in the USA. However, we came across a treatment that they operate in Monterrey, Mexico. We discussed our options with so many families that undergoing the same situation that we do. We found our last hope, a lot of children are showing positive results and they are responding very well to the procedure they operate there in Mexico. However, the procedure will be expensive and everything is out of pocket. As parents who work full time jobs and having other kids to take care of – we are facing a financial hardship in saving our daughter’s life. We are kindly asking you to help us save Aya’s life. Your generosity and love to help innocent children will make a change in a young girl’s life. Any contribution will be mostly appreciated by all of us and we promise that we will be forever thankful to each one of you. Give Aya a chance to stay among us; she has been fighting this monster for 19 months by now. She has the will to fight and survive. Allow her to live up to her name, which means “Miracle”. Help us turn our daughter into this miracle that defeats this terminal and incurable cancer.


تأسس المركز عام 2003 في سوريا بجهود عدد من الكتاب والباحثين العرب، ثم توسع في نشاطه وعمله يغطي غالبية دول الشرق الاوسط وشمالي افريقيا، وفي عام 2015 بادرت ادارة المركز لاعادة هيكلة فريقها وتاسيس فريق عمل ينشط من نيويورك في الولايات المتحدة لهدف خدمة منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمالي افريقيا The Center for Environmental and Social Development demonstrates a commitment to social justice through investigative journalism and human rights implementation. We strive to bring democratic change to the Middle East and North Africa. Emerging from a range of fields including philanthropy, political science, law, human rights, and medicine, we embrace collaboration in order to support peaceful and stable democratic movements across the MENA Region. Our efforts contribute to the foundation’s mission of creating a new culture in the region which is mainly based on the values of citizenship, democracy, and coexistence.

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