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المناطق الامنة ومناطق خفض التوتر

تحرير مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية  تموز ٢٠١٧ قبيل المناظرة الثانية للرئيس ترامب مع كلينتون، زار اوز سلطان “مستشار الرئيس ترامب لشؤون الاديان والارهاب خلال فترة الانتخابات” شركة استراتجيات القرن الحادي والعشرين، وهناك التقى مع كبير باحثيهم للشرق الاوسط عصام خوري،

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AMNESTY & Turkey…. No comment
Safe Zones and Reduced Tension Areas

Before Donald Trump’s second debate with Hilary Clinton, Oz Sultan, Trump’s Advisor for Religious and Terrorism Affairs during the election period, visited Senior advisor for the Middle East in  Strategic XXI , Issam Khoury. He presented Sultan with two project


All we can hold on to is our vulnerability. This invisible wind makes our chest heavy, yet, mysteriously propels us back on our feet again. I have convinced myself it is the strongest weapon humankind possesses, way more powerful than

The Syrian War, Syrian Revolution

Bukai wrote in the Third Fear under the title of The Absence of Morality in Politics: “Kissinger points out that although the Arab Spring is widely seen as a revolution that is youthful in its leadership and ambition, local in

White Helmets

White Helmets

الحدث فبراير 27, 2017

The White Helmets won the Oscar for Documentary Short فاز فلم القبعات البيض بجائزة الاوسكار للافلام الوثائقية. We’re so grateful this film has highlighted our work to the world. Our organization is guided by a verse in the Koran, ‘To

Gate of Palmyra

Gate of Palmyra

الحدث , تقارير ديسمبر 18, 2016

By: Michael O’Brien New York. 2016 Last September, if you happened by City Hall Park, you might have noticed a two thousand year old imperial Roman ruin. Or at least what looked a lot like a Roman Ruin. The 25-foot-tall

Islamophobia in USA

This is Social video, you can see it in your phone or social media   The whole story here! كل القصة ترونها هنا   Some photography about Muslim people in USA, Musab bin Omair Mosque Brooklyn, NY, USA. مجموعة من

Five Years Syrian Revolution continuing

By: Issam Khoury In this day more than 400 demonstrators in Washington .DC, said all against Bashar Assad’s regim Assad and ISIS destroy communities Jews, Christians and Muslims  in Syria please see the photography, March 20.2016  

World Day of prisoner

Save Syrian Detainees from Death The Detainees need your help