The Syrian War, Syrian Revolution

The Syrian War, Syrian Revolution
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Bukai wrote in the Third Fear under the title of The Absence of Morality in Politics: “Kissinger points out that although the Arab Spring is widely seen as a revolution that is youthful in its leadership and ambition, local in origin, and enthusiastic in its support for the values of freedom and democracy, we have not yet seen the forces that sparked these revolutions govern: not in Libya which hardly continues to exist as a state, and not in Syria where it is unclear whether the pro­democracy members of the Syrian opposition are the ones in control. The resolutions of the Arab League on the subject of Syria did not come from a consensus among nations known for their practice of, or support for, democracy, but rather stemmed from a compromise motivated by the historical Sunni­Shiite conflict. This truth is what worries many Syrian minorities and makes them fear a change of regime”.
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تأسس المركز عام 2003 في سوريا بجهود عدد من الكتاب والباحثين العرب، ثم توسع في نشاطه وعمله يغطي غالبية دول الشرق الاوسط وشمالي افريقيا، وفي عام 2015 بادرت ادارة المركز لاعادة هيكلة فريقها وتاسيس فريق عمل ينشط من نيويورك في الولايات المتحدة لهدف خدمة منطقة الشرق الاوسط وشمالي افريقيا The Center for Environmental and Social Development demonstrates a commitment to social justice through investigative journalism and human rights implementation. We strive to bring democratic change to the Middle East and North Africa. Emerging from a range of fields including philanthropy, political science, law, human rights, and medicine, we embrace collaboration in order to support peaceful and stable democratic movements across the MENA Region. Our efforts contribute to the foundation’s mission of creating a new culture in the region which is mainly based on the values of citizenship, democracy, and coexistence.

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