Center For Environnemental and developmental social

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Because we believe in human and his civilization which he struggle for, our social and environmental development center message comes from Syria where the first complicated alphabetic founded, and the oldest capital in the world was built.

The center message
Our message focuses on creating new culture in the Syrian society and this new culture aim to make us feel again in our citizenship, peace, coexistence, nature, and life.

The centre goals
 Reactivate the Syrian civil society especially in making the politics decisions.
 Let the active Syrian people take part in globalization militants, which call for egalitarian, around the world.
 Work hard to progress ourselves locally and regionally.
 Draw attention to people problems, as well as social and environmental development cases.
 Increase tourism activities “especially the environmental one”.
 Create an information bank to provide the latest information activities for students and researchers.
 Prepare good trainers in all aspects like social rights, inhabitant rights, wisdom management…

The Center works like Syrian coalition from:
1- Iman and Noor organization
2- AOHR-S “Arab Organization Human Rights/Syria/”
3- HRAS “Human Rights Arabic Syrian”
4- Center for developmental villager woman
Center work for developmental all organization in Syria,

– make stronger Syrian coalition ,
– Build new civilization between Syrian people depend to Human rights, and peace, democracy, love natural environmental.

– clean coasts and villages,
– training and workshops to the organization in Syria,
– make “news letter ETCC” FOR Watch every activates in Syria.
– transfer food for poor people in Iraq, //in the war & and now//
– make many festivals in villages,
– make many seminars between “Islamic& Christian” people,

Member in the:
Social watch
plate-forme NG Euromed
habitat international coalition:
Euro-Mediterranean youth

Syria- Lattakia City, Al-Ramil Al-Shamali .ST
Box: 1725
Tel: +963 41 224944
Fax: +963 41 417964 // +963 11 44680099
Mob: +963 93 762946

The center management architecture
Because of the Syrian government which refuses to give licenses to NGOs, the center works as the following way:
– the general coordinator:
• Mr. Issam Khoury
– activity consultants:
1. in Alepo: Dr.Ammar Koraby,
2. in Damascus :Mr. Faiz Sara,
3. in Alraka: Mr. Abd Alla Kalil.
-study consultants:
-in the law aspect:
• Mr. Mohanad Al-hosny ,
• Mr. Mohamad Radoon.

-in the political aspect:
• Mr. Faiz Sara,
• Dr. Michael Destroviscy.

-in the social and family aspect:
• Dr. Hifa Bittar,
• Ms. Elin Al-tib.

-in the information architecture and technology:
• Mr. Alaiham Al-SALIH,
• Mr, Yasser Abdel Qader ,
• Mr. George ward.

-in the environmental and inhabitant aspect:
• Mr. Issam Khoury,
• Dr. Andrih AWAD.
-in the art and culture Aspect:
• Mr. Monzer AL-Massry.

-in the economical and demographic aspect:
• Mr. Issam Khoury.

Note: our center is independent one and all of his activities rely on the contributions and the volunteer members as well as all of its outside participations are covered by the hosted organizations


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