ETCC is a non-profit organization, believing in humanity and it’s development towards peaceful relations between all nations.

Mission & Values: 

To create a new culture in the MENA region mainly based on the values of citizenship, peace, coexistence, the beauty of nature and magnificence of life.


  • Activate the role of the civil communities in the MENA region
  • Coordinate between European Mediterranean (Euro- Med) and civil society activists
  • Support democracy in the MENA regions
  • Coordinate with US and MENA organizations
  • Work towards promoting an end to the civil war in Syria
  • Prepare human rights and advocacy reports for civil activists
  • Support and promote gender equality in the Middle East
  • Join activists in global and public movements aimed towards equality
  • Permanently seek sustainable development and enhance locally and regionally
  • Strengthen the interests and goals of the general public.
  • Enhance touristic activities, particularly dealing with environmental tourism
  • Create an information bank to provide students and researchers with the latest activities and information
  • Provide training in the fields of development, good governance, social and cultural rights, woman’s rights, children’s rights, gender equality, and environmental sustainability
 Phone: +1 917 929 0985








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