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Center for Environmental and Social Development Inc
Environment, Tourism, Culture Center

“Non-profit organization”


Believing in humanity and it’s development towards peaceful relations between all nations.

The Message of the Center: Creating a new culture in the MENA region mainly based on the values of citizenship, peace, coexistence, the beauty of nature and the magnificence of life.

The Goals of the Center:

  • Activating the role of the civil communities in the MENA region.
  • Coordinating between European Mediterranean (Euro- Med) and civil society activists.
    Supporting democracy in MENA Region.
  • Coordinating between USA and MENA Organizations.
  • Working towards ending the civil war in Syria.
  • Preparing human rights reports and advocacy for civil activists.
  • Supporting gender equality in the Middle East.
  • Joining the activists in global and public movements aimed towards human equality.
  • Permanently seeking the sustainable development and the means of enhancing locally and regionally.
  • Strengthening the interest of population, along with environmental and social development.
  • Enhancing touristic activities, especially dealing with environmental tourism.
  • Creating an information bank to provide students and researchers with the latest activities and information.
  • Providing training in the fields of development, good governance, social and cultural rights, woman’s rights, gender equality, environment, and children’s rights.

The administrative structure of the Center:

The Center depends on electronic consultations from researchers in the MENA region, so it works according to the following mechanism:

Board of Directors:

Consisting of three figures according to US law, and cooperation of senior advisers from the Middle East regions

The coordinator of the center: Mr. Issam Khoury

Senior Advisers :

Mohanad Alhassani

The field of laws and rights: Lawyer Muhannad Al-Hasani

Muhannad Al-Hassani is a human rights lawyer and activist who was wrongfully imprisoned in 2009. He is president of the Syrian Human Rights Organization. On June 2, 2011

 his work focused on defending Syrian political prisoners and exposing abuses in the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC), a special tribunal that handles politically sensitive cases and which is not bound by a code of procedure. In recognition of these efforts, Mr. Al-Hassani was awarded the 2010 Martin Ennals Award, a prestigious international

.award for human rights defenders that praises activists of exceptional courage and innovation

The field of political studies:  Fayez Sarah

Faiz sara

Fayez Sarah is a well-known Syrian writer. He was born in Giroud, the countryside of Damascus in 1950. He studied Political Science in the University of Damascus.
Mr Sarah started to work as a journalist in 1973. He is a co-founder of a number of media outlets and wrote and published in many newspapers. Mr Sarah writes an op-ed in Al Sharq Al Awsat (Middle East) London, Al Hayat London, Al Watan Muscat, and Al Safir Beirut.
As an independent figure, Mr Sarah joined the Syrian political movement around the year 2000. He was a founding member and leading figure of Committees for the Revival of Civil Society 2001-2008, which played an important role in the political cultural movement in Syria.
Mr Sarah was also a founding member of Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change 2005, National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change 2011, and later on the Syrian Democratic Forum 2012.
He attended a large number of conferences and cultural political symposia pertaining to civil society and human rights during the past two decades.
Fayez Sarah was arrested for two years in the late 1970s for his activities with leftist groups. He was also arrested for two and a half years in 2008 for his affiliation with the National Council of Damascus Declaration. Recently, at .the beginning of the Syrian Revolution 2011, he was detained for a month for his political and media activities
Mr Sarah joined National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces and was elected a member of the Political Committee

 The field of political studies:  Abdalla Turkmani

Abdalla Turkmani

Syrian writer and researcher, and has a Ph.D. in Political Science
He filled the position of Senior Research fellow at the Orient Center for Studies in the United Arab Emirates.
He wrote in many Arab newspapers,and helped rally support for the Tunisian Revolution. Turkmani is now working as a researcher at the Haramon.

.Center for Political Studies

The field of social studies and family:  Haifa Bitar

Hifa bittar

She is one of the most important writers and novelists in the Arab world
Bitar is the second most popular Author in the Arabic language. She is responsible for a large number of Arab newspapers
Active in the field of women’s rights,she manages many of the seminars in several Arab countries
Bitar is a practicing ophthalmologist at the National Hospital in Latakia.

“.Among her awards are the Abu Al-Qasem Al-Shabi Prize, awarded in Tunisia in 2003 for her Book “The Whore


issam khoury

. The fields of Demographic and Economic Development and strategy studies: IssamKhoury

He is a journalist and political activist from Syria with more than 15 years of experience in writing. He has conducted research on politics, governance, Islamic groups, human rights, culture and arts for major news media in the Middle East and North Africa. His writing has  focused on telling the truth, which has often resulted into  face-to-face confrontation with those opposing freedom of expression and the press in the Middle East.

He is an author of two novels, has written more than 500 reports, and is an expert on political/social trends and personalities.

He is the first investigative journalist to report on the revolution while still in Syria. He has been arrested, his novels banned and his travel restricted. Most recently, he was an International Journalist fellow at the CUNY J-school in New York City

 He has trained journalists across the Arab world, He’s currently Senior Advisor at Strategy XXI Partners



The field of IT & Design: Sibar Soumisibar-somi

.He has helped many non-profit organizations with website design and troubleshooting issues, Soumi is a university graduate from Mamoon University in Syria,studying in the field Information Technology.

 .He is attending graduate school in Germany at Paderborn University



The field of Art and poetry studies: Munzer Al-Masrimonzer Almasri

Syrian poet was born in Latakia 05/27/1949
He has written 12 poems

.Participated in many seminars and press conferences and interviews

Mental health:  Bassam Aouil

 bassam Alawil

.Bassam Aouil holds a Ph.D In Psychology, is a clinical psychologist and sexologist.

Professor at the Institute Of Psychology at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz in Poland.

He is President of the Polish therapeutic Society in Poland

Aouil is the author and scientific editor of 12 books and over 100 scientific articles



Kurdish File:   Hessen Prrohassan broo

Syrian lawyer, Prro is a well-known writer on Kurdish issues
.He writes for various newspapers and websites



.Khawla is a Jordanian lawyer, she has worked in several civic organizations in the Middle East

 She works in the field of children’s and refugee rights.





The Center’s International and Regional partnerships:

Social Watch


Plate-forme NG Euromed


Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)


Habitat International Coalition


Euro-Mediterranean Youth


The Garden of Hope Foundation


: 324 87Th street, Brooklyn, NY, 11209

Phone: +1 917 929 0985



Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ETCCMENA.Ar

Twitter: https://twitter.com/etccmena

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